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In Cool Duel, two knights will battle each other in a turn-based battle until one player is defeated. Before the battle, each player customizes their knight by selecting a name, a weapon, and assigning attribute points to make their character unique. Once both players have finished spec'ing their character, the battle for glory begins! Players will go back and forth taking turns choosing whether to attack the other player, or to pray for a bonus skill point. If a player is attacked, they have a choice of either attempting to block the attack, or taking the hit and attempting a massive counterattack. Throughout the battle players will skill up and assign new attribute points to their knight, making them more powerful and more unique. Eventually one knight's hit points will reach zero, and the opposing knight will emerge victorious! Cool Duel was created as an intro to turn-based RPG games for young children. I made the game for my 7 year old son Matthew to help encourage him to read (via simple dialogs in the game) and to do basic math and statistics (e.g. "Do I want to attempt to block an attack roll of 6 when the maximum I can roll is 7?"). All of the artwork was done by Matthew (which he is very proud of!), so please feel free to leave a review or comment if you enjoyed his creations :)


Nieuw in deze versie

Reduced the damage of all weapons by 1 and increased the max defense of each weapon by 1 since games were ending too quickly.


  • Hotseat play
  • Turn-based RPG
  • Medieval/fantasy duel
  • Kid-friendly
  • All artwork done by 7 year old kid

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