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This app is for teachers. If you want to teach a class using Teams, Zoom or another video conferencing solution, you may want to share your writings, a book or a picture. For this purpose you can use a special document camera or a simple webcam. In every case you need an app, showing your camera picture on the monitor so that you can "share" it with you video conferencing solution. This app has additional functions like "freeze" (so that you can work on a task in parallel with your class), "fix focus" (so that your camera does not switch between your hand and your notes during writing). If you dont have a camera, eventually your mobile may be up to the task. This software was tested against the EpocCam mobile app and the corresponding Windows drivers ( This software was developed during the 48h Hackathon #WirVSVirus of the German government.


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Florian Oelmaier



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3 jaar en ouder

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