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Drooone is a uwp app that operates the toy drone "tello". Not limited by iPhone or Android, I have developed for who want to operation by windows 10 devices. It's possible to control by keyboard or mouse, touch panel and voice recognition. Also It receives video stream data, and live video or to save a mp4 file. Using a wireless headset, you be able to operation by hands free. (It's notified warning messages for the battery or temperature.... by synthesize voice.) And also, it has developed using officially published sdk only. Therefore it has depended on limits of the sdk. Note: I have not tested for Tello EDU. So I don't know that it works fine. Tested only standard tello. Firmware version: SDK version:


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Symmetry Soft


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Met deze app kunt u

Uw microfoon gebruiken
Scannen en verbinding maken met Wi-Fi-netwerken
Toegang verkrijgen tot uw thuis- of bedrijfsnetwerken
Uw videobibliotheek gebruiken
Toegang verkrijgen tot uw internetverbinding en werken als server.


Download deze app terwijl u bent aangemeld bij uw Microsoft-account en installeer de app op maximaal tien Windows 10-apparaten.

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English (United States)
日本語 (日本)

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Drooone is a free app. And also, Ad will be shown when you will use this app on online. Please note that we disclaims all and any warranty even if any problems (damage to the tello and any peripheral objects, loss, accidents, etc.) occur during operation using this application.

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