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Microsoft Expressive Pixels empowers people to create, express, connect, and share via animated visualizations in their own unique way. With Microsoft Expressive Pixels users can make and show both static and animated images on LED displays and other digital devices such as a PC. We all express differently. Verbal expressions may be challenging or a non-preferred way of communicating for some. Often, a visual statement through creative and artistic expression can communicate as much, if not more, than words. Microsoft Expressive Pixels is an open source release so makers everywhere can realize their own ideas and create. The app’s online community gallery is powered by Microsoft Azure to enable users to share animations. The images created on Expressive Pixels come alive on readily available LED displays from 3rd parties such as Adafruit, Sparkfun, and SiliconSquared, and digital device such as a PC. Not supported on Windows 10S.


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Microsoft Research



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