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Fly Fishing Simulator HD Premium is a first-person, photographic simulation of the sport of fly fishing. This fishing game features: - Realistic casting with direct rod and line control - A new body of water available to download every week with subscription, featuring rivers from California to Maine, and Arkansas to Ontario* - Realistic current, fish feeding behavior, and fish fighting physics - A huge assortment of patterns including modern and classic dry flies, nymphs, streamers, terrestrials and more - Fly tying feature for creating your own flies - Hatch check feature lets you examine insects and other food items the fish may be feeding on - A wide variety of realistic prey to match including mayflies, caddis flies, stoneflies, nymphs, midges, crayfish, etc - Various species of trout, plus steelhead, bass and panfish - A virtual fishing guide offering advice on casting, fly selection and more - A variety of rods and leaders - A great collection of photos shows you the fish you catch - Realistic feeding patterns and dry fly action - Strike indicators and split shot for subsurface fishing with nymphs, streamers, etc. *The mobile version offers a monthly subscription providing a river or stream every week. This Premium version gives you immediate access to all the waters published for that edition since it released in December, 2016. You'll also get each new river and stream as they are published, for as long as the subscriptions are supported. We've already shot around 100 rivers, and have plans to shoot many more. An update to this game will be published in early 2017 to allow users to download rivers and fish species created by other fans of the game.



  • Realistic fly fishing, virtual fly tying, wide variety of rivers

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