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Games Quiz for Windows Phone! Are you a gamer? You played all the new games like Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty and SimCity? But did you played old SNES or PS1 games like Super Mario Bros. or Tekken? Can you remember what cover them have? This is a trivia game about game covers. One Cover – 4 possible Answers – Which answer is the correct one? Test your knowledge about games or maybe you will find a new game for you! The Quiz contains over a lot of different game covers from all categories and different devices! From mobile top games like Fruit Ninja to PC top games like GTA! How to play: You have 3 minutes time to answer as much as possible. If you give a correct answer you gain points, if you fail you will lose some points. You can use two different Joker. The first one is the time joker. This joker will give you some seconds more to your round. The second joker is the 50/50 Joker. You can delete two wrong answers with it. To use joker you need coins. You can earn them by playing the game. Depend how many points you made you will receive some coins at the end of the game. You can submit your highscore to a rankinglist to show others how good you are. Why are you waiting? Just download and try yourself.


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