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Geocaching Plus is a mobile client for, opencaching and services This app will improve your geocaching experience by letting you - view caches on a live map - see cache details, description, logbook and photos - add caches to favorites for further searching - physically search favorite caches with the help of map and compass - log caches - pin caches to desktop Pro features: - offline maps - Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, detailed Europe, Finland and Norway maps - save multiple caches at once - search caches by code and name - shows locally stored caches on the live map when offline - shows cache waypoints - cache info update - disabled and archived caches indication - filter out found caches - walk to and drive to a cache - cache info translation - trackables - attributes -, .pl, .us, .nl Found a bug or feature missing? Email us or write a review in the store


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Geocaching Plus

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Geocaching Plus



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