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GEOPOLITICAL INTELLIGENCE SERVICES Advantage through knowledge. Insight from experts. The global geopolitical landscape is becoming increasingly complex. Understanding it requires time, expertise and insider knowledge. GIS Politics gives you access to in-depth political analysis and forecasting from GIS’s network of experts around the world. Our in-depth reports give you the knowledge and foresight to understand: ● the politics in countries and regions around the globe ● their interdependencies and effect on each other ● the political trends shaping counties’ futures Regions we focus on include: ● Europe ● The Middle East ● Asia, including: China, India and Japan ● Russia ● North America ● Southeast Asia ● Africa ● Latin and South America ● Australia Our experts: Our experts all have proven, long-term, practical experience in the subjects they report on. They are businesspeople, former politicians, diplomats, former intelligence agents, government advisors and academics. Our location: Geopolitical Intelligence Services is based in Liechtenstein, a country with no stake in international power politics. This aligns with the company’s aims and principles. H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, a widely recognized entrepreneur and expert in the field of global geopolitics and economics, founded the company in 2011. He is President of the European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation (ECAEF), a liberal think tank based in Liechtenstein as well as co-founder of several other international think tanks.


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