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Jurassic Dino Hunting takes you to the new horizons of hunting wild and deadly dinosaurs in a complete natural environment of jungle and you are equipped with different sniper shooting guns in encounter. Hunting the different Dinosaurs in a Jungle environment is fun so be ready to find and hunt Dinosaurs with one of the best sniper guns with you. Since you are equipped with a variety of snipers shooting guns the game becomes thrilling as well as a challenging to play. Hunt the wild dinosaurs to complete the levels .In response of first fire, Dinosaur will react with full anger and rush to hunter / player to take revenge. Hunter has to defend himself wisely and finally shoot the Dinosaur & escape yourself from being killed. Kill the variety of dinosaurs in lush and dangerous Jurassic environment. With your shooting capability and save yourself from the fierce and deadly predators. The challenge has to be completed within limited given time. This Dino Hunting game contains multiple levels with increasing difficulty levels. On successful completion of existing level, player will land on next level with enhanced complexity and will get a new unlocked sniper gun. [How to Play] 1. Next level will be unlocked as soon as you complete 1st level. 2. Aim with sniper gun and shoot the Dinosaurs. 3. You can navigate using swiping at left hand side of screen. 4. Use Zooming features to aim exactly. 5. Head Shot will kill the Dinosaurs in single shot.



  • Beautiful Natural Environment
  • More than 5 Dinosaurs models.
  • New and a Variety of Sniper shooting guns.
  • Smart and Smooth Sniper controls
  • Multiple Game levels with Increasing Difficulty
  • Best Sniper Shooting Experience
  • Excellent 3D Graphics

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