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Forget about your average boring slideshows… Apple’s Keynote makes it possible to present information in engaging and exciting ways. It is, by far, the best software to use when you want to make a great impression on your audience. After all, this app was custom designed for one of the best presenters of all time: Steve Jobs! In this course, Apple expert Matt Vanacoro shows you how to create dynamic presentations that will keep your audience engaged from start to finish. While Keynote makes it possible to create superb cinematic-quality transitions, it’s easy to go overboard. This is why Matt starts the course with tips to help you keep your audience focused on your content. After covering important technical points, Matt shows you how to create your first slideshow. You learn how to use Themes, edit slides, and apply beautiful transitions. You also discover how to add pictures, movies, charts & tables, and how Keynote’s global settings can affect your entire slideshow. Once you know your way around Keynote’s desktop interface, you learn about the iOS and iCloud versions, and how you can use them to collaborate with other people online. And when your presentation is ready, Matt shows you how to export it in different formats to share it with the world. So join Apple expert and instructor Matt Vanacoro in this course, and learn how to create memorable and captivating presentations with Apple’s Keynote! Outline


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