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Do you want to learn how to code while hacking cool puzzle games? MODULO CODE combines the enigmatic nature of pattern-based puzzle solving with the excitement of code learning. You'll learn not only how to code your way out of the carefully crafted set of intricate programming puzzles, but also how to do so like a pro. No color blocks programming. You'll be coding for real using one of the most popular scripting languages for game development in the industry in a real integrated coding environment completed with a real-time code guiding system. You'll learn how to test and inspect your own code in a real code debugger to make sure your code does what it's supposed to do. And for all the curious minds out there, you will begin your journey of learning the craft of game making. See how a game is actually made by inspecting the very code that brings it all to life, right in front of your eyes. Take your first step today with MODULO and PLAY IT FORWARD!


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Codesign, LLC


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