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Neo Notes to Write on Paper and store on PC Neo Notes is an accompanying app of Neo smartpen. Seamlessly digitize your handwritten notes or drawings, archive and manage them on PC. (In order to store your digitized handwritten notes with Neo smartpen, you need Windows/Mobile App and N notebooks with Ncode™. With a pen and a notebook, you can digitize, save, edit and share your ideas anytime, anywhere.) [Main Features] • Digitize and storage Your handwritten notes with Neo smartpen are digitized and stored on PC. From now keep not only digital documents, but also your handwritten notes on PC. • Backup and restore Backup your important handwriting contents in Neo Notes to Google Drive. Once you backup to Google Drive, you can edit your handwriting in the mobile App. • Full-screen mode Choose Full-screen mode to see your note pages at a look. What you see on the screen is what you write on the notebook. • Export You can record and save the writing or drawing process as a video. You can also save notes & voice memo while recording. • Copy Copy what was transferred to the app as an image or text file and paste it to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Evernote. It will help your work flow better. • Ideation If you want to share your ideas with others, please choose Ideation function. With one PC, you can connect up to 7 Neo smartpens at the same time and check your writing on the screen in real-time. • Tag and search Place a tag on your important notes. You can search important notes by tags quickly and easily. [Homepage] Please visit for more information.


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NeoLAB Convergence



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