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Open Data (v1.2) This demonstrator app was developed by Dale Ridley at DCLG using open data from . The app was originally designed to assist the public in accessing services and provides easy to navigate menus which list the services available in their local council area or area of choice. In the latest version users can also view selected data sets held by DCLG for the local area, further data sets will be added without the need to upgrade the app so check regularly what is available. Information for English councils only is included, where a user’s location is not within a council boundary the user should enter a postcode or pick the default authority. Versions are available for Android, IPhone/IPad, Windows Phone 8.1/10 and Windows 8.1/10 (desktop). The app is part of a wider Government agenda to present and communicate information more effectively, DCLG would therefore welcome your feedback by email to You may re-use the information provided through this app under the terms of the Open Government License (


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