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Pushy and Pully in Blockland is a cooperative arcade game with a retro feeling. Pushy and Pully are travelling through space when their spaceship breaks. They end up falling into Blockland, a planet full of blocks and monsters. The only way for them to escape is to move from room to room while defeating the monsters, until they find a boss that has a piece of the spaceship. Help Pushy and Pully get back their spaceship on their trip across Blockland. Push blocks to defeat the monsters, join blocks of the same colour to get power ups and defeat the bosses to recover the parts of your broken spaceship.



  • Play solo or with a friend
  • Classic gameplay with never-seen-before twists
  • Combine blocks of the same colour to create the power up you need or the bonus points that will bump up your position in the leaderboards
  • End the stage by defeating all the enemies before time runs out
  • Defeat more than one monster at the same time or pop more than two blocks to get extra combo points.
  • 50 lovingly handmade levels
  • 5 unique bosses to challenge you
  • Leaderboards and stage rating. Can you make more points than your friends?

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