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Add margins and rounded corners to your taskbars! RoundedTB allows you to easily add custom rounded corners and borders to your taskbar. To use, simply open the application, enter a margin and corner radius (try 2 and 6 to get started with a subtle effect!) then click Apply. To remove the effect, just right-click on the tray icon and close it. You can apply startup - Works with most other taskbar mods, including TranslucentTB and TaskbarX - Works with multiple monitors, resolutions and scale factors - Doesn't alter or modify system files - [Preview] Supports auto-hiding taskbars - [Preview] Automatically updates when new monitors are connected/disconnected or Explorer restarts Note: RoundedTB is still in development, there might be bugs! If you encounter any, let me know on GitHub otherwise I can't fix them (see the Support link at the bottom of the Store page). Features marked as [Preview] are even earlier in development and have some known issues, so use at your own risk. To disable completely, Close RTB, uninstall it, then restart Explorer or your PC.

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