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Simple word search game. Find the hidden words szómátrixban! the letters on the screen connected to alkothatsz words. Each letter can be attached to only the immediate neighbors, but in any direction. Words, names, abbreviations are also included in the game word database, which contains more than 70 000 words. (If the word is not there, please indicate it to find!) I developed the game based on your feedback ... 1.1.0 Basic Game 3 by 3 field-mas Game 6 * 6 fields 3 * 3-mas game interface has been completely reworked, simpler, more transparent it has. Soloists fixed (-12 words) surface animations The players now get feedback not only in word list, but on the matrix is ​​1-1 when he managed to find words. Soloists improving again The base 3 by 3 matrix-mas surface became much more amicable Minimum 20 words / game Elapsed time Counting words found on the screen Show the currently selected word on the screen etc. ... Testing your Microsoft Lumia 435 (1GB RAM, 1.2GHz processor) The test result included a progress ring that indicates to the user that the application you are working. The device gave a little hard for a long time but could not see the screen, it's gone. In the future, this phone will be tested in the application. In addition, there were some minor performance optimizations. (The large table that is not affected.) New menu: Settings New menu: Rating - Settings - Now it is possible that the application is generating vibrations during the game thus increasing the gaming experience. The vibration on and off in the settings menu, you can do it. The vibration notifications are sorted into three groups, so you can customize how cases vibrates to alert the user interaction in the game. - Assessment - The evaluation is simply the windows key to the App Store to evaluate the application. The vibrations generated by the application has been optimized. Now they can be separated for different types of interactions with a specific vibration and the vibration function every interaction is able to call up on the phone. the program does not accept the game 1-1 over the same word twice. English translation: English nylevű device communicates with the game in English, and English words used to generate the matrix. Censorship: I completed the program censorship, so I will be able to quickly improve the dictionary. If you have sent me words that are not appropriate for those that I put. Minor fixes ... Minor optimizations were performed in the game. Among other things, reduced CPU usage while playing , so the energy consumption. Replacing icons. ( Unfortunately, for some reason, only the large icons were translated into Hungarian in the game , I'll fix it. ) Highly improved performance and reduced CPU ussage. Highly reduced RAM ussage. Added new animations, states for game table. Minor fixes on GUI and on logics. Better help menu. Now you can select the language used for generating word matrix. You can choose Hungarian, or English dictionary. Now you can save the options to the device's storage. Removed words longer than 9 chars from 3x3 matrix generation made some speed for the app. Added new German dictionary. And some minor fixes... Now you can play on 6*6, or 9*9 large matrix.



  • 3*3 word matrix
  • multi language support
  • minimum 20 words to find on each game
  • vibration on phones
  • options for vibration types

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Tigyi János


Copyright by János Tigyi

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Tigyi János



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113,96 MB


3 jaar en ouder



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English (United States)
Magyar (Magyarország)

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