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Search Deflector is a small tool that redirects searches made from the Windows Start Menu or Cortana to whatever browser and search engine you prefer. No more Microsoft Edge and Bing! Now you can search faster by just tapping the Windows key, and typing your search. Hit enter, or click one of the results in the right panel. This is faster than opening your browser (if it isn't already), opening a new tab, and clicking the search bar. I've found it to be a good quality-of-life trick. View the source code and more information on GitHub: https://github.com/spikespaz/search-deflector For more help and troubleshooting tips, see the project Wiki: https://github.com/spikespaz/search-deflector/wiki/Troubleshooting


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Copyright (C) 2018 Jacob Birkett (spikespaz).

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Jacob Birkett



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This project's source code is licensed under the MIT/X11 license. You can see the LICENSE file in the project's Git repository. https://github.com/spikespaz/search-deflector

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