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The magic of stickman drawing brought to life on your screen! In Stickman 2D: Stone Age, you will draw each stickman you send into battle. How well you draw determines how healthy your stickman is. You then send them to capture diverse objectives such as guard towers and village bonuses, with the ultimate goal of winning each battle. Draw and guide these 2 dimensional beings as the stickman civilization tries to evolve through the Stone Age!


Nieuw in deze versie

Release Bug fix and product optimizations. Release Fixed a music loading issue and miscellaneous bugs.


  • ►Draw your own stickman to determine health of unit in battle.
  • ►Rigorously designed and calibrated for both mouse and touch, such as holding the [Ctrl] key instead of mouse button for more comfort when drawing, and mirrored UI for left-handed touch users.
  • ►Endless Stickmen: wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies.
  • ►Additional "Challenge" level, and "Insane" difficulty mode for extra replayability.
  • ►Comical mix of realistic sounds and silly voice acting!

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ProtoGears Interactive Inc.


Copyright © 2013-2014 ProtoGears Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Patent pending.

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ProtoGears Interactive Inc.



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English (United States)

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