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Professional investors beat the Nasdaq and NYSE stock markets (and of course other markets) all the time, It's possible for you too, but you have to put the work and time for it. Let us help you do it! Nasdaq and NYSE are of course not alone, trading with equity and even commodity successfully is possible if you learn the right strategies and act on them. We have here for you 3 courses that will help you be the investor you hope to be, and beat NYSE and Nasdaq stock markets. 1. Basic terms and concept course - will give you the basics before learning to use the "big guns" 2. Value investment strategies - Learn how to find the right stocks using company business to figure the real value 3. Technical analysis - Learn the ability of detecting effects, structures and patterns in charts of stocks / options / bonds / equity / commodity and predicting their future behavior, relaying on past and current behavior . This strategy that can be used for equity trading like stock trading (for example NYSE or Nasdaq) , bond trading, option trading, forex trading (foreign currency market) and for commodity trading.


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Yoav Fael - YOANNA



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