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Welcome in SUHACK! >> Best on phone with at least 1920*1080 This small Hack Game show you a station (computer) from where you could start to explore ( hack) the virtual networks of the game and find money to buy new tools. (So you are a hacker 😉 ) >>>THIS IS NOT AN HACK TCHAT BUT A GAME<<<< so asking about how to hack something will make you banned from game. In this Hackers world you will get a basic computer station with a SYSLOG screen and TCHAT window. From theses windows, you should try to find ingame IP to HACK, then look after critical datas. This is main HACKER task. Also allways keep in mind : Your own log panel is an open fight ground for HACKERS , clean it often or bad things could happen (like people wanting to hack you as soon as possible). *********************************************************************************************** Note : Game is in current developpment , most of the "Visual" interface will be reworked when all features are added and stables. Enhanced FIREWALL system and display of hack will come soon... Tip : Delete application data if you have login issues or others bugs. See you soon... and good luck to reach TOP 3 Scores! - Hack... - Hack the Hackers... - Before that they Hack you...


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Beta 1 Most of the features are enabled, Scores are running.


  • Reat time hack
  • Web old style
  • Multiplayer

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Toegang verkrijgen tot uw internetverbinding
Toegang verkrijgen tot uw internetverbinding en werken als server.
Toegang verkrijgen tot uw thuis- of bedrijfsnetwerken
Toegang verkrijgen tot de gebruikersnaam en afbeelding van uw account


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