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The Dark Lord: Immortal Realm is an action-oriented RPG with a magic style. The game uses a unique dark screen style. Here you will play the legendary hero warrior, fight epic Warcraft boss, seize the inherited weapons and equipment, release the three-segment recruiting and core skills, kill opponents in full screen and win the highest glory! The game is global real-time battle, no boundary, worldwide synchronization and you will battle with global players. 【Contact Us】 Facebook: 【Game Features】 - Top visual enjoyment, cool special effects The game perfectly presents a new look of the demon continent; real realistic combat, simple and convenient operation experience, smooth operation, and enjoy instant PK freedom. - Epic magic style, cool skills Epic magic style, exciting passion fighting scene, with well-designed character image, enjoy the battle process! - Many people attacked the city with a screen, violently blasphemy The classic guild wars quickly and many people are shocked with the screen and attack the city, returning to the passionate era! A real sense of combat, the team killed the world boss, multiple interactive games can not stop, massive rewards not to be missed. - New and old players are courteous and have unlimited benefits Login awards send artifacts, best weapons, perfect equipment, massive equipment materials, unlimited surprises, there are many limited time offers waiting for you to play!


Nieuw in deze versie

1. Gaming progress optimized 2. More details optimized. 3. Art designs optimized.


  • ---The Five Cthulhus, The Kings Come Down---
  • --- Peak battlefield, cross-service PK---
  • --- Variety style, cool fashion ---
  • ---Cinema-quality, magnificent scene ---

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