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应用支持中文,可以加密解密文件文本和下载管理 * Added MD5 and hash algorithm to compare files. We can verify that the file has been tampered with by comparing the hash values of the same file. * This application has a variety of algorithms for encryption/decryption, which can effectively protect personal information from being stolen. * File encryption speed is higher than other application encryption speed, medium memory, beautiful and lightweight interface, is the preferred application of privacy protection, and there is no advertising. * In work and study, some important files don't want to be seen by others. Here, you can perform complex encryption/decryption operations in a few simple steps. *When you want to chat with TA and don't want others to know, you can encrypt it here. We guarantee that others can only sigh and sigh at a bunch of garbled characters. Of course, when you have nothing to do, you can tease your friends and let them learn Sherlock Holmes.


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Little Fish团队

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Little Fish团队



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