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The simplest way to control your home. Anytime. Anywhere. Application requires Vera Smart Home Controller running UI7 ONLY. We put the convenience, freedom, and peace of mind that a smart home provides, right in the palm of your hand. From any Windows 8.1 or 10 smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can view and manage your home. From the comfort of your couch, or from halfway around the world. • Control your front door, monitor your home and property; • View security cameras; • Automatically turn on your lights when a sensor is tripped; • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your door is locked, and your home is safe and secure; • Expand your system to include a wide variety of certified partner devices; • Scene Management: create new scenes or edit existing ones; • Device Wizard: add supported Z-Wave or ZigBee devices to your controller; • Geofencing Management***: add, edit or remove area boundaries; PLEASE NOTE: • The App REQUIRES a Vera Smart Home Controller which acts as the "Brain" of the system, enabling your Windows device to become the command center for your home, easily controlling climate, lighting, security and more. • The app is compatible with Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 (PC, Tablet and Mobile). IMPORTANT: VeraMobile™ requires access to Background and Location Services for Geofencing to work properly; IMPORTANT: Geofence events are triggered (in the background) by Windows OS every 2 minutes. If you have multiple events in a 2-minute time frame, the Operating System will trigger all events at the same time. *** WARNING: Geofencing depends on the quality of Location Services. You should always check if the House Mode is correctly changed and disable Geofencing if any problems occur. For more information, please visit As always, should you have any questions, comments, or concerns our Customer Care Team is standing by to assist you. Email: Web:


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Met deze app kunt u

Uw locatie gebruiken
Uw webcam gebruiken
Uw microfoon gebruiken
Toegang verkrijgen tot uw internetverbinding
Toegang verkrijgen tot uw internetverbinding en werken als server.
Toegang verkrijgen tot uw thuis- of bedrijfsnetwerken
Uw afbeeldingenbibliotheek gebruiken
Gegevens gebruiken die op een extern opslagapparaat zijn opgeslagen
Toegang verkrijgen tot de gebruikersnaam en afbeelding van uw account


Download deze app terwijl u bent aangemeld bij uw Microsoft-account en installeer de app op maximaal tien Windows 10-apparaten.

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