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WeFeel helps people in therapy to know what to discuss, remember to take time to assess mental state, share feelings with loved ones, and reminds you of techniques your therapist has asked you to incorporate into your life. Psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, or counselors use WeFeel to enhance their current toolbox to make therapy more effective. Unlike other mental health apps, WeFeel is not designed to replace therapy, but to help you be your best. What is WeFeel? WeFeel is a set of mobile tools to replace proven traditional “pen and paper” techniques used by therapists worldwide: emotion tracking, mood journaling, traditional journaling, goals, coping strategies, and medication lists. WeFeel tracks Anger, Love, Joy, Fear, Disgust, Sorrow, Stress, and Outlook by default, and up to 6 custom items with a subscription. WeFeel supercharges traditional techniques by adding data visualizations and the ability to filter by location, social situation and activity. You can identify causes and stressors to help bring about change. WeFeel summarizes key discussion topics, eliminating the “nothing much” answer to “What has been going since we met last?” Therapists and individuals find patterns that have been missed so they effectively work on core issues. WeFeel’s emotion tracking prompts both randomly or on a schedule to track core emotions, stress, outlook, situation, location and activity. Add custom items (with a subscription) and completely control what you want to track. For younger or developmentally challenged patients simplify what is displayed down to just core emotions to help them recognize and identify how they feel. Custom items can help track things like urges to relapse, to help treat addiction, track how manic or depressive someone is feeling to treat bi-polar disorder, or treat depression and anxiety by finding correlation between time of day, location, situation and activities. You can add coping strategies to each item you track, and then WeFeel automatically reminds you of the strategy when your entry matches it. For example, when you feel angry you can be reminded to pause and count to ten. With a subscription mood, and emotion data can be shared. It is helpful to share between patient and care provider, between patients for couple’s therapy, or between a child and a parent. For couples, this greatly enhances understanding, and provides insight into a partner’s needs. For psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and counselors you can monitor your patients in real time. This is especially useful for those going through rehab/addiction treatment. Who is using WeFeel and how is that data kept safe? WeFeel is used by hundreds of people across 30 countries. You might be concerned by the lack of reviews; unfortunately, there is still stigma around mental health issues and reviews aren’t anonymous. While we encourage people to help end the stigma by reviewing WeFeel, it was designed from the ground up to be an anonymous service. This helps with HIPAA compliance (something we take seriously) and means we cannot individually identify those who use WeFeel. We don’t store users email address, contact or payment info. For examples of how it is used please check out Getting started: The biggest hurdle to getting the benefits of WeFeel is building a habit to use it. The app itself will help you with this. A tutorial gets you started and reminder prompts help you create emotion entries. The more data WeFeel has, the more it can help. As you consistently enter emotions there will be a moment of clarity where you find insight that would have been missed. With that clarity, breakthroughs occur, new conversations can be had, paths to better emotional health open up, and change for the better can begin. That moment is the reason we created WeFeel. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you find it.


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WeFeel deals with sensitive emotions and situations. There may be times when you or someone you love need help beyond what can be found in this service. WeFeel has to maintain a delicate balance between allowing someone to enter their true emotions, enabling them to share those feelings with others, and gathering data for future research all while maintaining your anonymity. To make sure that you feel safe we have chosen to create a system where it is physically impossible for us to find or monitor your individual account. We do this so that you will feel comfortable entering your true intensity of emotion without judgment. This means we cannot detect when you or a loved one are in a state of emotional crisis. So PLEASE log how you feel honestly and openly, and use the service to allow you to take a moment in times of crisis to reflect on the fact that it is OK to feel what you are feeling, and that it is also OK to get help from a professional, a friend, family members, or any local crisis line available in your area. WeFeel cannot be held responsible for notifying those you share data with, local authorities, parents, or any other service, individual, or entity when you are in crisis. By using this service you agree to these terms and those in our terms of service found on our website and listed when you downloaded our app.

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