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"Wink!" Is the Windows Store app. The "wink!"App can exchange of short messages on the PC each other. The "wink!"App can send a color that matches the short message and words. So, you can naturally understand the feelings of the sender. By automatic toast display function, the recipient can see the message in the only movement of the line of sight, under any circumstances. ------------------------------------------------------------ [wink!]URL: ------------------------------------------------------------ iS-Two Site: Blog: ------------------------------------------------------------ Concept Video: ------------------------------------------------------------ This app takes advantage of the push notification technology. Message will be notified in real time. The received message will be notified toast. In addition, it will also appear in the wide tile that has been pinned to the start screen. In addition, it is possible to generate a fixed message tile. You can store the information of friends to tile. You can tap this tile, and you can send the feelings you want to convey. This app will identify the friends by the nickname and the secret key. Therefore, the possibility that the message is received from a third party is very low. So it is safe. And if you register the nickname and the secret key of friends, you can take easy communication. Let's now sends a "Wink!" To friends! ! note: Reception of the message requires that the power of the receiving PC is turned on.


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Toegang verkrijgen tot uw internetverbinding en werken als server.


Download deze app terwijl u bent aangemeld bij uw Microsoft-account en installeer de app op maximaal tien Windows 10-apparaten.

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