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Z1 CryptNow – File encryption and sharing as easy as it gets File encryption and sharing encrypted files has never been easier! No limit to the number of files or their size. Pictures, spreadsheats or other documents - they are all easily encrypted with Z1 CryptNow. Set a password and you are done. Share by email, cloud, on a flash drive … All that‘s needed for decryption is Adobe PDF Reader, which most of us already have, and of course the password. The original files will appear as attachments in the Z1 CryptNow PDF. – Look out for the paperclip icon in the Adobe Reader menu to access the attachments. Zertificon, the maker of Z1 CryptNow, is a specialist in professional encryption technologies since 2004. Bringing security and usability together is what we do best. Z1 CryptNow can be used by anyone - even commercially! For business use cases however we have a lot more to offer, check out our website at


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