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Run for survival, trapped inside hospital occupied with walking dead at zombie city you need self defense from zombies. Land of the dead is difficult to survive, you were laying unconscious when open your eyes. In 2050, after nuclear war, NY city infected with deadly virus, people who survived, turned into zombies. Find torch make things visible, look for door keys, do not get killed by the dead walking on floor of hospital. Find weapons that helps you survive attacks, including, sword, pistol, gun, and rifles. Make use of guns you pick up from the dead security officers in hospital to shoot the attacking enemies. This is your last battle with walking dead. ZOMBIE UNKILLED: WALKING DEAD OUTLINE Tactical Team Operator John Miller of LAPD got shot in an rescue operation, he was hospitalized. John was in coma and out for two months with life support. When john opened his eyes he was confused, he was in a hospital and then he remembered the time when he got shot clearing some of his confusion. He calls out for the nurse, doctor but no one was there. So he tries to find whats going on. John doesn’t know but there is a zombie outbreak in nation, which turned humans into zombie and now he’s trapped in a hospital probably with many of them. Now he has to get out of this hospital . The living dead outbreak in apocalyptic NY city has just begin to spread fear. GET READY! Its only a matter of times when there will be no survivor at NY. The world is counting on you. You need to survive through missions and manage ammo in the most addictive zombie outbreak game.


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Uk Arts Games


UK Arts Games

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