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In case you missed us at //build/…

Microsoft’s annual developer conference, //build/, was held March 30th to April 1st in San Francisco. During the conference, we unveiled a new version of Microsoft Translator API that adds real-time speech translation capabilities to the existing text translation API.

Powered by Microsoft’s state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies, speech translation has been available on Skype for over a year, and in the Microsoft Translator apps for iOS and Android since late 2015. Now, businesses will be able to add speech translation capabilities, including speech to speech and speech to text, to their applications or services to offer more natural and effective user experiences to their customers and staff.

In case you weren’t able to attend the conference in person, we wanted to give you a chance to view some of the presentations that you may have missed and give you a sneak peek into how the new API works. In the videos, you can also view some of the great demonstrations from our partner companies, Tele2 and ProDeaf, that tested the API and integrated into their own apps.

//build/ 2016: Harry Shum presents speech translation by Microsoft Translator

Executive Vice President, Dr. Harry Shum, the head of Microsoft’s Technology and Research introduces Microsoft Translator and two demo apps from our partners, Tele2 and ProDeaf.

View Dr. Shum’s full, unedited presentation here.

//build/ 2016: Adding Microsoft Translator’s new speech API to an app

This session at //build/ walks you through adding translation to an app built with other APIs from Microsoft’s Cognitive Services.

View the full, unedited presentation here.

Microsoft Translator: Speech Translation Made Easy

Take a look under the hood of an app using the new speech translation API. Microsoft Translator’s Group Program Manager, Chris Wendt will walk you through the code of an iOS designed to add multi-language support to information centers.

The full app is available open source on GitHub.

To get started with the new Microsoft Translator Speech API, just sign up for a free 10-hour trial https://azure.microsoft.com/services/cognitive-services/translator-speech-api/

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