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Embark on an epic adventure with the fantastic digging machine. Travel the world in search of ancient artifacts, lost civilizations, and unimaginable treasure. There are six exotic locations to explore: * Pilot the intrepid digger in the frozen wastelands of the Antarctic on the trail of a 100 year old lost expedition. * Search for pirate treasure in the south Asian Ocean. * Search for lost tombs, mummies and other rare artifacts in the Egyptian desert. * Trek grounds beneath the sweltering jungle in search of lost Aztec treasure. * Descend to the center of the earth at the Kuma Manych trench in Eastern Europe. * Search for valuable minerals and gems in the midwest United States. Prove your strategic thinking, exploration, and puzzle solving skills. Manage fuel, drill temperature, hull damage, cargo space, oxygen, etc while searching for underground diggins. Sell your rare collection of artifacts to earn cash. Use cash to upgrade your digging machine, make repairs, or purchase additional supplies.


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Xbox Game Studios



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