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Finding a campsite or motorhome pitch has never been easier! This handy app will help you to find your perfect campsite or motorhome pitch. You can try the app out for free with 50 selected campsites around Lake Garda. Do you like it? Then buy a country package, with or without motorhome pitches (from € 0.99 to € 17.99). You'll pay for access for 1 year. Quick, easy, and of course it can also be used without an internet connection. You can view the information you've purchased access to on three devices at the same time. In total, the app has information about 8,200 campsites (in 31 countries), and they're all inspected ever year by ACSI. There's also information about more than 9,000 motorhome pitches. Finding a place to spend the night in Europe is so quick and easy using this handy app! • Includes free updates with information changes and new campsite reviews. • You only pay for the information you use. • Review a campsite yourself via the app. • Add a campsite or motorhome pitch to your list of favourites. • Quickly and easily find a campsite near you. • Call, email or book a campsite via the app. A country package can be used for 1 year from the time of purchase. The app collects technical details which the developers can use to improve the app. Please note: the use of GPS (location determination) can cause your battery to drain faster.



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ACSI Publishing BV


2016 - ACSI Publishing BV



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62,89 MB


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