Cloud Solutions

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Application Development & Hosting

Windows Azure is Microsoft’s operating system for the cloud. It lets your applications scale up or down depending on the demands of your business. Free your developers to flex their creative muscles on a platform that already speaks their language - .Net, PHP, Java or Ruby. Wherever their creativity take them, in the language they need, from any place they choose—they have the power. Plus with a pay-for-use business model, you won’t be wasting your money on services you thought you might need but never got around to using. Now that’s a win-win situation. That’s cloud power.

Powerful and Practical Platform

Your developers don’t need to learn new tools or a new platform to harness the benefits of cloud power. With Windows Azure, you can easily move existing applications to the cloud and your developers can create new applications and services using technology they already know and trust.


You are the living definition of a multi-tasker. Windows Azure gives you the agility to take advantage of multiple application development tools, automated service management, and global datacenter presence to respond faster to customer needs, focus on your competitive differentiators, and reach new markets.

Freedom to Choose

Your IT department is the decision maker now. Windows Azure empowers them to choose where and how they manage, deploy, and store data, while you focus on business challenges and customer needs.

Simplified Approach

Your Developers are already multilingual. Why make them learn a new language? With Windows Azure, they can create and manage applications and services utilizing familiar languages such as .NET, Java, PHP and Ruby.

Reliable Solution

You’re a reliability machine. So is cloud computing from Microsoft. With 99.9%+ uptime and 24/7 support your cloud power never runs out.

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Windows Azure offers a flexible, familiar environment to create applications and services for the cloud. You can shorten your time to market and adapt as demand grows.