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 Product Licensing Overview

It is essential for you to understand how Microsoft software is packaged in order to understand system builder licensing. Review the following resources to see how the software is preinstalled and sold.

The OEM System Builder Licence

OEM System Builder Licence

Microsoft OEM System Builder software is licensed to system builders through the licence that is affixed to the side of all OEM System Builder packs. Most OEM System Builder software contains an identical software licence—the same licence covers multiple products.

For example, the same licence covers Windows desktop and server licences, as well as the 2007 Microsoft Office system and other products. This licence covers the system builder's right to distribute the software. The OEM System Builder Licence is an agreement between Microsoft and you, the system builder.

End User Software Licence Terms

End User Software Licence Terms

It's important to differentiate the OEM System Builder licence from the End User Software Licence Terms, which governs the end user's right to use the software.

End users must accept the End User Software Licence Terms when they first run the software. It is an agreement between you and your customer.

The End User Software Licence Terms defines what end-user rights and restrictions apply to the use of the software, including:

  • How you can use the software.
  • Whether the licence can be transferred.
  • Downgrade rights.

Product-Specific Licensing

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