Bing Bar

Enhance your Windows 7 installations with the royalty-free Bing Bar. It is an easy way to provide extra benefits to your customers when you preinstall it on new PCs—and it can be used with Windows Internet Explorer. It provides fast and safe online search, consolidates email accounts, and provides breaking news, direct links to top Internet videos, and email and Facebook alerts.


Bing Bar Features

With the royalty-free Bing Bar preinstalled, your customers can enjoy these features:

  • Bing and decide, any time. Users can make better, faster decisions with Bing. They can search without leaving the website they are on, and get great suggestions to help them find what they want faster.
  • Facebook alerts and posts. Users can chat with Facebook friends directly within the Bing Bar. They can also like any page that they are visiting with the new Facebook “Like” feature.
  • All their mail in one place. Users can stay in touch by consolidating their Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail inboxes in one place, and get alerts about new mail.
  • Alerts. Users can be notified of breaking news, severe weather, new mail, and Facebook updates.
  • Videos. Users have direct links to the latest top Internet videos.

Bing Bar OPK

Traditional OPKs for Windows and Office contain a wealth of technical information to address numerous scenarios; they are designed to meet the needs of the wide range of OEMs who build PCs. The Bing Bar 7.1 OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK) contains everything you need to deploy Bing Bar. The OPK includes the installer application as well as instructions on how to silently install Bing Bar for customers.

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