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The ultimate dumbbell arms workout Forget biceps curls. Build bigger arms with this six-move dumbbell workout The fastest way to build bigger arms isn’t to crank out as many biceps curls as you can. True, that type of move is included in this workout, but it’s only one part of the puzzle. To increase the size and strength of your arms you need to work your biceps from a variety of different angles. The concentration curl isolates your biceps and allows you to lift a heavy weight. The hammer curl changes your grip and challenges your forearms. The final biceps move, the Zottman curl targets your biceps in the lifting phase and your forearms in the lowering phase. Between biceps moves you perform three triceps moves. These are crucial because they allow your biceps to recover and they also build strength and size on the backs of your upper arms. In fact, your triceps make up two thirds of your upper arm mass, so working those muscles will provide you with quick T-shirt-filling gains. How to do the workout 
Do exercises 1-6 in order Rest for 1 minute between sets 
Rest for 2 minutes between exercises


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