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Anime Pixel Art is a sandbox coloring app to help you calm down and release your inner artist. Now you can not only watch cartoons and watch anime online, manga, and play games, but also feel like a real artist and draw all your favorite coloring pages with the help of pixel numbers. When you feel tired and need to relax, Color pixel by number is the best option for you to relieve stress and anxiety. Every fan of anime will love painting anime manga pixel art color by number and increase the level of concentration. You can also unleash your creativity, relieve stress and doodle all you want with anime pixel pages. Stay away from the daily routine, calm down and unwind with this adult coloring book. Develop your concentration, color matching skills, accuracy, and precision. How To Play: - All four categories contain anime heroes, cute manga girls, and boys, and Japanese cartoon images. - First of all, Select an anime category and color pixel art images to fulfill your needs. - Just use two fingers to zoom a picture till cells with numbers appear and start coloring by tapping on the same number paint artworks. - Anime pixel art coloring is a sandbox color by number app in which most adorable josei and shanen turned into colorful pixel art images. - Use hints to find the remaining pixel box in the colory image. - Color drop in the same numbers blocks or tap the paint bucket for quick coloring. - A video tutorial will help you to know how to paint the pixel images. - Watch ads to get 2 extra paint buckets and more hints with soothing background music. - Use premium mode to unlock everything for relaxing coloring experience. Features: - Good for relaxing and creativity development. - It contains many coloring pages of anime, manga and Japanese cartoon heroes. - No stress of picking up colors, just relax and pixel art color by number. - A great way to express creativity by painting a lovely drawing. - Number coloring helps in attention and concentration. - It helps to calm down and relax with soothing background music. - Pixel coloring allows you to express feelings, fears, and thoughts. - Get extremely fun and entertaining coloring experience by painting by numbers. Enjoy the most popular anime pixel coloring game, inspire your artistic talent, and unveil your dream pixel superheroes. Turn the pixel pages and transform the numbers into realistic anime heroes. This pixel coloring book brings a great collection of music that can be mixed into the perfect relaxing ambiances to play when you are painting. We hope you will find these anime coloring pages useful, addictive and fun.

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Next Tech Labs

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