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Description: Digital Audio Book is a simple and convenient audiobook player. It keeps track of current book, last position in the book, and supports bookmarks and sleep timer functionality. When using a local server to download, you decide how the book will look in the player. If in chapter 18 there is a map of caves, just add this map image to 18th chapter. If the second chapter begins with a verse, add it to the description of the chapter. Combine sounds, images and literary texts.   Features: - Playback from SD card (only mp3 files, except variable rate mp3, requires changing file extensions to .dabm). If in the book more than 50 files use subfolders - Music+Video Hub integration - Playing in the background - Current book - Last position for each audio file - Custom bookmarks - Sleep Timer - Loading of the book through SkyDrive, via podcast or a local server - separate utility http://sdrv.ms/1aiM1Yr - Voice control: voice commands to continue playing, adding bookmarks, stop playing with option to close the application. (Deutsch, English (United States), italiano, русский, 中文(简体) only) - Live Tiles, both for application and for books - Quick track navigation - Volume control   In trial mode: - No ads - Only first two book files are available when loading from SD card - Two downloaded books - Two custom bookmarks per book - Sleep timer setting can't be changed (10 minutes by default) - Application settings not available

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Dmitry Naboychenko


Dmitry Naboychenko

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