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Digital World Evolution: Global Server is a game based on "Digimon".The game supports both English and Chinese, Global service,reproduce the classic! More than 200 Digimons will be on the tour with your digital world tour to revisit your carefree time during the holidays. Touch the digital egg, guard and look forward to the arrival of new life with Elecmon! All the Digimons in the game will have a complete evolutionary path and evolutionary form,there are also first-line voice actors to join the original sound interpretation of the digital baby once brought us moved! Game Benefits: Log in to get a mature combat partner Angemon! Complete the newbie task, improve the combat power, more digimons are waiting for you to summon! Contact Us: FaceBook: Follow fanspage and contact the administrator to get the Free Luxury gift packs. Tip: Using guest to login will automatically save the account and password to the computer photo album. Players who have lost the account can view the photo to find the account and password. Game Features: ——The original reproduction Full 3D real digimon world, original background music, perfect stereoscopic rendering of the original animation, digimons all included! In order to survive, experience different evolutions, change the appearance and character, and become stronger! In a series of journeys, you will overcome difficulties with your own digimons, through mutual friendship. Fight for peace in the world! ——Easy to play Simple and fun operating system, allowing you to experience game content without barriers. The team is divided into 1 main character and 4 digimons. Players can choose the protagonist and the digimons freely. Multiple combinations present a lot of results! ——Rich evolution Perfectly follow the animation evolution route. Koromon - Agumon - Greymon - Metal Greymon - War Greymon. There are There are also variations and dark digmons to join. How to get them, you have to explore by yourself! Utilize the ultimate evolution, the digimons machine and the chip set to train your super rare, super powerful digimons! ——Ingenious combat system Use the protagonists’skills, the set attributes of the digimons, and the combination of skill combos. In the battle, you can use the Evolution Card to evolve digimon partners to experience super cool hit and extreme effects. —— Rich gameplay In addition to leading the digimons to complete the mission, surrounded by adventures, you can also spend a lot of time in the leisure time, such as parkour and fishing, to make your digimons journey no longer boring. More unique multiplayer interactive gameplay - Adventure Island, collecting resources, random encounter monsters, more likely to be ransacked by others. The treasures that can be taken are the best, and you must not be greedy! What are you waiting for, enter the digimon world and take part in the big adventure! The world needs you!

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1. Optimize game resource updates 2. Optimize some of the game features 3. Update game activity


  • 8 protagonists and 200 digimons are all on the scene! Exquisite pictures, smooth movements, intense battles, make your blood boil!
  • Tactical pause, evolution in the battle, let the battle be mastered!
  • Adventure Island! Incentive competition between teams!
  • Synergistic evolution, make your digimons stronger!
  • Different digimons combinations can produce different effects, which can add more fun and surprise!
  • The eight protagonists each have their own fate. Under the different main lines of the story, get more digimons, defeat more enemies, and more advanced transformations to make yourself stronger.

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683,24 MB

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3 lata lub więcej



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English (United States)

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