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The mobile application provides you with capability of obtaining e-services from government agencies through mobile phone. The application contains more than 40 various services, such as: - notifications on penalties for traffic infractions, on being included in the Registry of Debtors, on changes in waiting list for kindergarten, etc., which notifications are sent in PUSH and/or SMS format; - public services such as residential address reference, certificates of pension contributions, of no criminal record, of ownership/non-ownership of real estate, and on civil servants testing; - information services: viewing the waiting list for kindergarten and for housing, information on expiration of vehicle tech inspection timeframe, on existing tax debts, and booking the queue to PSC; - payments: payment for mobile operation services, as well as a variety of other fees and duties. Besides interactive services, a Personal Office, i.e. the section containing your personal data, is available in the mobile application as well. There you may find information on the recorded fines for your violation of traffic regulations and on your being entered in the list of debtors to whom going abroad is prohibited.

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АО "Национальные информационные технологии"


АО "Национальные информационные технологии"

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