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Beat the Challenges & Destroy all targets by Kicking the Ball in Football Cup ★☆★☆★ Features includes: ★☆★☆★ - 60 completely different & freaky challenges, - first game on the market with advanced kicking simulation, - easy to learn, hard to master, - play as a female or male, - represent your favorite country, - beat challenges in 5 countries; - visit five visually astonishing football stadiums, - visit different countries and experience local soccer atmosphere, - very precise shooting mechanics, - arcade feeling with simulation, Penalty kicks in football game were never so exciting: you can travel around soccer countries and score goals by defeating tricky challenges: destroy targets, smash cartoons and become champion of football leagues. Manage your football career become one of the top eleven player on the earth - none of the other soccer players can compete will compete with you. Dream league could become real if you want - just start beating challenges, score goals and perform fantasy shootout madness. Don’t give up and destroy all targets. Visit top fifa rated countries in 2014: Brazil, Italy or Spain. Challenges specially crafted for soccer empires are awaiting for you greatness. Let them taste it. Realistic Shooting Engine based on Physics: Arcade mechanics with dynamic and simple feeling, which allows you perform soccer tricks not from this planet. Diversified gameplay: Shoot, strike and become most effective soccer striker. Penalty Shootout provides you unique experience of football games. Referee will not interfere with your play as in real football match. Game includes most exciting element of real soccer matches - penalty shooting. Flick kick the ball and watch amazing graphics on the field. Become the most effective player and prove that your worth is similar to best fifa or uefa players on the world. Even world cup isn’t such exciting as our game.

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T-Bull Sp. z o.o. 2014



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42,39 MB

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3 lata lub więcej




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English (United States)

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