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Roll, dash, bash and smash in this playful 4 player brawler! Play as one of 6 FuzzBalls, these small animal plush toys roll into balls of fluff to move around and knock their enemies off a selection of 7 unique stages. FuzzBall comes with 3 different modes of play, supporting 1-4 players for local couch-play multiplayer: - In Vs Mode, you will need to knock out all your enemies and be the last player to remain to be crowned as the ultimate victor. - In Party Mode, you will compete with your friends to complete various missions to earn points. Will you play the objective, or will you get in everyone's way? - In Flexiball, players will have to work together to perform rule-, and mind-bending actions and complete as many tasks as possible within the time limit.

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  • 1-4 player local multiplayer
  • Perfect for couchplay
  • Co-op local multiplayer
  • Party Game
  • Light Hearted 4 player Brawler

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