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Step into a Medieval world and become the mighty ruler of your empire! Build and develop your cities, strengthen your dynasty, amass your armies and lead them to battle. Form or break alliances with other players to gain a strategic advantage and conquer the realm. • Enjoy a massive, deep and rewarding MMORTS game with thousands of active players. • Build and evolve your cities. • Research new technologies and upgrade your armies. • Use trade, diplomacy and military power to lead your empire to victory. • Gather with old friends or make new ones as you combine your strength to form an unbreakable alliances. • Compete in special realms for fame and fortune. Play now and leave your mark in history! Game of Emperors is completely free to play, but features some in-game purchases.

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• A newly added tab named "Assemble" can be found in the Move screen in the Command center. It allows you the more precise selection of units to move between holdings. • Tapping on the Imperial roads or Trade routes when you open their screens will load the holding of that road or route so you can more quickly access it. • Go to a previously scouted NPC by tapping the "Show on map" button in the Espionage screen. Thank you for the continuous support for our game! Thank you for playing and the continuous support for our game!


  • Epic World Boss Battles!
  • Tournaments system with great rewards!
  • Items for boosting your battle performance and much more!
  • Craft legendary relics!
  • Take part in the everyday life of your Royal family!
  • Free daily rewards!

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Imperia Online JSC


Imperia Online JSC

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85,23 MB

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3 lata lub więcej



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English (United States)

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