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Ludo Pachisi Dice Game is very enjoyable game with never ending fun. Board game Ludo is one of the most famous games played for centuries. Game is for any age generation, no one is too young or too old to play this game! Let´s start playing and be a king of Ludo Pachisi Dice Game. Play classic Ludo Pachisi Dice Game with your family, kids, friends or simply by yourself against the AI. We created our new premium mobile fun dice game for your enjoyment. Everyone know this epic board game. Ludo game is played every day by millions of people and you can be one of them. Join the club of star players. Ludo Pachisi Dice Game is the modern version of the royal game Pachisi, Chopat and Parcheesi. Ludo game was played in the ancient times by Indian kings and queens. In our game you can play on your device with your friends and family or against the computer. Play the royal game of the kings! Ludo is favorite game of Bollywood superstars. Ludo is a king of family friendly board games. Main goal of the game is to simply move all your pieces to the finish before anyone else. Master your strategy, challenge your luck and become the best player of the Ludo Pachisi Dice Game. Features: - Dice game with family and friends. - Plenty of avatars for all players. - Different pieces to play with - Piece / token color can be changed. - Auto move system. - Auto throw dice. - Fast animations. - Game statistics with XP and level up system. - Daily bonus and free coins. Experience the feeling of beating your opponent and enjoy the greatest king's moment of winning. Download our Ludo Pachisi Dice Game and play India's favorite dice board game for free! Join our Ludo club and become the Master of Ludo! Install the game now and have fun!

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