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Moon VR Video Player is a powerful and easy to use VR video player. Moon VR Video player will give you an elegant and simple VR experience. Superb UI, excellent stability, clear file path, comprehensive format support, these are the Moon VR Video Player users’ favorite. Download with Moon VR Video Player, make your VR experience smooth and happy every moment. Besonderer Hinweis: If you can not play some H.265 encoded HEVC high-definition videos (usually MP4, MKV format), plase try to download this Extension.https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/hevc-video-extension/9n4wgh0z6vhq?SilentAuth=1&wa=wsignin1.0 Note: This method only works with H.265 video. Advantages over other VR players 1.Automatically show your new videos, so you don't have to choose the file path again and again 2.Automatically recognized the correct play format, no longer need to manually set the video format 3.Powerful decoding, even supports smooth playback of 8K/90mbs video 4.Simple and easy to use interface 5.Exclusive optimization for some wrong format VR video, to enhance the 3D stereo effect, reduce the screen ghosting and dizziness Features 1.Support MR head and handle control 2.Support external subtitles 3.Support audio track selection 4.Automatically identify video types 5.Collections of folders and individual videos 6.Unconventional 3D/VR video source repair (left and right eye swap, mirror reversal, Removing ghosting blur) 7.Adjust screen Size, Distance, Brightness 8.Adjust aspect ratio of the video 9.Adjust 180° 360° video FOV Format support 1.Video format: - Support video format (26 kinds) - Support HEVC extension (need to download) - Support MPEG2 extension (need to download) 2.Video types: 2D, 3D, 180°, 360°, 3D Side-By-Side (SBS), 3D Over-Under (OU) 3.Subtitle format: SRT, ASS, SSA,VTT 4.Audio format: AC3, DTS If you have any problem or suggestions when using Moon VR Video Player , please contact us: Official Email: info@rockvr.com

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