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>>> Millions of people around the world are using this excellent application! <<< Note Plus is a popular, lockable and skinnable memo application for Windows Phone with multiple languages. Note Plus provides multiple sets of pretty skin and outstanding user experience for security. With the Smart SkyDrive Synchronization Technology of Note Plus, you can easily backup/share/recovery/migrate your notes. Tips: 1) You can hold the phone and shake to the left or right to choose your favorite memo skin. 2) You can create your password in the note settings to protect your privacy. What's new: === Version 3.9.9 === + Sync pictures === Version 3.9.8 === *Improves the performance of loading a lot of notes === Version 3.9.6 === *Improves skin performance === Version 3.9.5 === * Fixes bugs on Windows Phone 8.1 === Version 3.9.2 === * Fixes a skin bug === Version 3.9.0 === + Supports skin animation + Adds [Delete Skin] context menu * Adjusts tile icon === Version 3.8.7 === * Fixes small bugs === Version 3.8.6 === + Download skins === Version 3.8.2 === * Improves stability === Version 3.8 === + Now you can take pictures and add to the note or save to the album * Fixes some bugs === Version 3.5 === * Full screen skins * Fixes note counter bug * Fixes gesture bug === Version 3.3 === * Improves the performance of loading a lot of notes + Supports automatic sign-in SkyDrive account === Version 3.1 === * Optimizes category management to solve the performance problem of previous version while loading a lot of notes === Version 3.0 === + Powerful category management with 3D experience + Convenient instant search function === Version 2.6 === + Font size setting + Pin/Unpin notes Upcoming versions will have more features and new skins. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us:

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