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Game features: ACCURATE OFF ROAD DRIVING PHYSICS Explore the limits of physical laws, without traffic regulations and laws. Go extreme, crash into the destructable checkpoints with your 4x4, slide thorugh the mud or skid over the ice. Slide across ice or race across grippy asphalt on the racetrack. REALISTIC WEATHER EFFECTS Fight yourself through the snowstorm, be blinded by the sun, or drive through muddy terrain in the rain. Be tied up by the realistic snow and rain animation. 60 CHALLENGING LEVELS, MORE WILL BE ADDED IN THE FUTURE Explore different terrains on different levels. Drive through the sunny alps, the quilt in south America, muddy jungle or even the snowy high mountains. Tackle rocks, hills and even water transits or race across the frozen lake in the high mountains. CONTROLS WITH BUTTONS OR ACCERELOMETER Choose between different control modes. Steer your car with buttons, with on Screen Gamepad or even by tilding your smartphone. GREAT GRAPHICS It's nearly impossible to find such realistic graphics in other offroad games. Be impresst by extreme realistic lighted environments ingluding realtime shadows and much more. A few years ago you could enjoy such stunning graphics only on console and PC games. DIFFERENT CAMERA ANGLES Look at your vehicle from different perspectives, so you do not miss any rock or track groove. GHOSTS Practice and perfect your skills and beat your own highscore. Get into the battle and compete with your own ghost! REALISTIC MODELED VEHICLES INCLUDING SUVs AND 4x4 Buy and upgrade the different Cars, and be curious about the cars, which will be added in the future. Every car has a different unique adjusted setup which fits the genuine reference perfectly.

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Introduced ghosts 👻


  • stunning graphics
  • close-up offroad experience
  • realistic driving physics
  • realistic weather effects
  • 60 challenging levels, more will be added in the future
  • controls with buttons or accerelometer
  • different camera angles
  • realistic modelled vehicles including SUV's and 4x4
  • ghosts

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DiTronic Development Group


DiTronic Development

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