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A new vision of volleyball video game, at middle between arcade and simulation; You can play a match or league in single player, two player split screen mode or multiplayer over local area network; Virtual Reality ready, head up your visor and you are in the game; Choose your preferred team and player; Use mouse and keyboard or joypad to play and the motion controller on virtual reality mode; Enjoy, Best Regards... Download intructions at this link!Ar3mv-kmSIvvdHY8R3wBheWmQ0Y Download the tutorial at this link!Ar3mv-kmSIvvczswSU2IlefoQY4

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UPDATE SEP 2019 : - Auto player changer; - League international competition; - Fine touch; - Jump assist action; - Intelligent block; - Gameplay improved; - Tutorial on trial; - Audience crowd redesigned; - Different player characters; and more... VIRTUAL REALITY (Windows Mixed Reality) First experimental phase into this new virtual world, needs much feedbacks, as an old volleyball player I think that it's a very cool feature, seems to play a real match; NOTE : Thank you very much to all the people who play uVolley, please review and comment the game anyway to help me to understand if it is appreciated or not; Remember that is possible to change your player during the action by the player changer feature; Auto player changer is a new feature that simplify the gameplay, when you will be an advanced player you can disable it; When you lost the ball cursor press the fix command, F key on keyboard or Y button on joypad, to center the view and restore the cursor position, this works also on virtual reality mode; Select your preferred zoom factor in the option menu; Please follow the instructions manual for the commands and read the tutorial at these links : Instructions!Ar3mv-kmSIvvdHY8R3wBheWmQ0Y Tutorial!Ar3mv-kmSIvvczswSU2IlefoQY4 Best regards...


  • International teams
  • Innovative gameplay
  • Local multiplayer
  • Virtual reality
  • Training mode
  • League competitions
  • Players leaderboard

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Any assets in the game are not explicit reference to any real people or things



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