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Warship Empire: The Pacific War is a 3D battleship game that focuses on the fairness of the game and is based on the battle itself. You can enjoy the different experiences brought by the infinite kinds of combat combinations, more than 90 iconic warships, 4 different types of ships. Perfectly fits the diverse and exciting fighting conditions you desire. Really restore the history of World War II, the original battleships of famous warriors from all over the world, free to match the battleship of thousands of warships! The beautiful 3D picture takes you back to the pure sea battle, and thousands ships conquered the four oceans! Contact Us: Fackbook: Game features: ·Real-time naval battle ·Real-time calculation of artillery trajectory and armor breakdown ·Modular ship damage calculation ·Single ship weak growth, no component strengthening, battle force accumulation and other elements to ensure the competitive fairness in the battle · The surface ship part is 3D TPS shot, the aircraft carrier part is RTS · Battles and single-player content · The game adheres to the development concept of fair competition, and hopes that both paid and non-paying players can play for free on an equal game basis. ·The current technology tree has more than 80 warships in U, J and G, covering four types of aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers and destroyers. In the future, new national science trees will be added. Based on the evolution of classic naval warfare tactics, bringing you back to the magnificent sea battle, the fleet war of conquering the world is now starting!

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Updates: 4 New features below will be added! Admiral trial] Peak Cross-server Battle Warship Retrofit] Badge


  • Global service, competitive at the same time:Global real-time war, no borders, global players simultaneously
  • The classic World War II reappears, the war-torn sea war era:With the real battleship in history, the blue story of the plot, the real scene reproduction
  • Elite sea battle duel, the king dominates the world:Hundreds of warships, dominate the world, the blue waters, the misty waters, the roaring ship guns, give you the top naval experience
  • Continue remotely, don't miss it:New beginning, continue with you classics, skill effects, style, wonderful, sea battle peak

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Tinto Network Technology Co., Ltd.

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