Product Overview

PlayReady Product Suite

Microsoft is committed to working with companies across the content delivery spectrum to ensure that consumers can access premium content inside or outside the home on whichever device or service they choose.

PlayReady Featues

Creative business models for digital content

  • Subscriptions
  • Purchase & download
  • Pay Per View
  • Rental
  • Advertising
  • Live TV Services

Universal content access for consumers

  • Smooth content transfer across different devices
  • Backwards compatible with Windows Media DRM
  • Rapid support for new mobile devices and technologies

Distribute content as your users want it

  • Basic and progressive downloads
  • Adaptive Streaming
  • Direct license acquisition by mobile devices over wireless

Best of breed content protection

  • Independent of transport, packaging and codecs — many content types and formats supported "out of the box"
  • Aligned with and supporting all key standards including UVVU and ISO MPEG DASH
  • Significant IP protection extended to licensees
  • Dedicated world class breach management