Product Overview

Client Options

Microsoft PlayReady is the proven technology securing Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox and a wide range of consumer electronics. To learn more about PlayReady Clients (including non-Windows PlayReady clients), visit our technical pages.

Porting Kit

Portable code builds on x86 and ARM. Big-endian, little-endian supported. The porting kit can be used to develop a library on ANY target OS platform.Client solutions built with the PlayReady porting kit continue to support custom development by PlayReady client development partners on Android, iOS, CE, Linux and many other consumer electronics platforms. To learn more about PlayReady Porting Kits, visit our technical pages.


A tool kit in object code form that contains versions of PlayReady already developed to run on a specific OS platform. Usage of native OS APIs ensure robustness and performance. Usually includes a basic media player used as a reference to build a final app.

PlayReady partners provide companies across the ecosystem an easy, trusted way to extend the reach of their services to iOS and Android devices with partner solution SDK's. Learn more about partner solutions on the partners page.


Final product (from Microsoft PlayReady standpoint), that is an application implementing UI, UX and is fully robust. E.g. Application using a PlayReady Client SDK for Windows.