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Maximize Your Incident Reporting System with This Sophisticated App! A key component of ensuring safety in the workplace is immediately and effectively reporting incidents. Get the sophisticated and powerful technology you need to record and analyze any mishaps and accidents in the field with the 1st Incident Reporting mobile application. Save your company valuable time and money with the only incident tracking app that allows users to generate their own incident types instantly, any time or place. For superior tracking, the app offers live incident reports and notifications that allow you to monitor issues in real time. You can even record incidents in archives, so you can analyze them in the future. When you engage the 1st Incident Reporting mobile application, you will dramatically reduce the need for user training and the cost of using different hardware. That’s because this incident tracking system works on any mobile or web platform. You’ll be able to streamline the incident reporting process, including studies and inspections, using any smartphone or tablet. With the 1st Incident Reporting app, you can accelerate the time it takes to track issues and enhance your safety measures by improving communication and resolving problems faster. Stop missing incident calls or relying on illegible handwritten reports. Boost your reporting methods, build trust among your team members, and drive your business with the only app that generates comprehensive, easy-to-navigate data. Our app will also adapt to the system you already use. You won’t have to switch styles or adapt to something that doesn’t fit your needs. The 1st Incident Reporting mobile app allows you to quickly report the location, date, time, asset information, and other field event or damage details. You’ll get a clear picture of what happened during a work site accident to ensure a safe, smooth workflow. The incident tracking app allows you to create files with photos, videos, and audio bites. You can even export incident data to Excel. The user-friendly app will allow you to stay on top of any issues, so you can improve safety systems, decrease risks, enhance employee performance, and contribute to a healthier, more profitable work environment. You can eliminate unnecessary site visits because 1st Incident reporting software allows you to provide comprehensive information. And safety and operations managers can transfer incident reports straight to existing enterprise systems to fine-tune and simplify incident management procedures. Some of the features of the 1st Incident Reporting mobile app are: • Enhanced and accelerated communication between various departments and personnel • Major reduction in duplicate incident reports • Decreased financial costs of incident reporting and technology • Extremely intuitive and easy to utilize interface • Enhanced safety thanks to faster response times • Reduction of bad data Typically, incident reporting systems in the mobile technology world release automated notifications to all of a company’s users. Unfortunately, these broadcasts can get an unnecessary number of employees involved, making brainstorming resolutions more cumbersome and time consuming. The 1st Incident Reporting mobile application offers intelligent alerts that are sent to the most relevant recipients who are specified at a granular level. System administrators can create and change incident types and fields as changes occur. Users will benefit from the mobile app’s incident designer feature. It allows them to generate and change dependencies between the data in various fields and control who sees an incident report, what information the report contains, and how the report appears. After a new incident type is reported or changes are made to an existing incident, the new information is automatically updated. Customize Incident Tracking to Meet Unique Needs The dynamic 1st Incident Reporting mobile application provides authorized users with total autonomy to tailor tracking to their mission and goals without needing the 1st Incident Reporting development team to customize it for them. Knowing how to respond to incidents at work sites is a vital element to improving safety and decreasing interruptions in your company’s productivity. This incident tracking system renders vector data 10 times faster than older versions of Bing maps, meaning it’s faster than ever to manipulate maps and hone in on a location. You can even locate specific incidents within your company’s substations, plants, or service territories. With the 1st Incident Reporting app, you can use search tool and map functions to control the various layers on the map view of the display. Simplify your tracking and reviews by typing the letters assigned to a particular incident. The more letters you type, the narrower your search will become. Users have the flexibility of viewing all incidents, hiding all incidents, or choosing one or many types of incidents to appear on the screen. It’s easy to thoroughly review all incidents, regardless of when they were reported or their status. For example, you may look at all “outage” reports or pull up any “outage” incidents that were reported on a certain day. Rest assured, in a remote area with no cell phone service, this advanced app will automatically detect if there is no mobile coverage available to update the information. Another benefit of the 1st Incident Reporting app is not needing to log out if you’re working on a report and don’t finish it. The app won’t stay active in the background or use battery power when it’s closed. A report can be finished when a user reopens the app. The 1st Incident Reporting mobile application has merged technology with Microsoft Windows 10, evolving into a Universal Windows application. As a result, the app has an expanded reach because it’s compatible with even more Windows devices. Robust App Supports Specialized Incident Reporting At the forefront of technology, the incident tracking app supports mobile capture and the circulation of special details tied to environmental incidents and their type of reporting. You can quickly record and communicate about wildlife issues, spills, container discharge, and excess emissions. You may ask questions to provide specific details about the volume of a spill, species of wildlife affected, and the source of excess emissions. The robust incident tracking app is ideal for companies reporting security issues. The 1st Incident Reporting app makes it easy for companies and organizations to handle threatening situations, including intrusions or attempted intrusions. Recording the number of people, departments, and systems impacted is crucial, and the app makes it fast and simple to do so. Sensitive information is safe while being relayed through the mobile app because iOS encrypts the data. Other features of the incident tracking system are: • Creation of any type of incident or inspection report • The two-tier validation system increases reliability and reduces faulty data • One field of information automatically changes when users alter a different field • Dates, times, locations, and other information is automatically populated where feasible • Input fields can be altered based on conditions, such as temperature, time of day, user, etc. • It utilizes any style of report sharing, including email, cloud, and text messages • It conveniently links to any existing enterprise system • The advanced GIS option makes it simple to identify a location of a work site Once you decide to bring the 1st Incident Reporting mobile application on board, we’ll make it easy for you to familiarize your team with how it works. Our new-user walk through is the ideal training tool. After logging into the app, new users will see a pop-up that prompts them to start the process. The new-user walk through begins with the mobile app’s dashboard, or the main map view of incidents. From there, you’ll learn how to move through the system, view incidents, create new incident reports, type important incident details, and submit your reports. You’ll save time and money training yourself and your team with this highly intuitive app. To learn more about how to maximize your company’s incident reporting system with the sophisticated 1st Incident Reporting mobile application and take it for a free test drive, visit

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